Strategic Approach

  • Pinnacle is a source of strategic relationships for JV Partnerships with actionable opportunities in targeted Opportunity Zone markets.
  • These relationships provide us with a unique sourcing advantage to obtain the highest quality Opportunity Zone projects.
  • Our investors are low-basis capital asset holders, entrepreneurs, executives, business owners and real estate experts seeking Opportunity Zone benefits and diversification.
  • Our Advisory Board experts provide subject matter review.
  • Projects must "work" on a pre-tax basis, potential tax benefits are secondary.

Our Project Parameters

West Coast and Mountain States*

in each target market and product-type experts.

PROJECTS MUST BE REVIEWED BY OUR ADVISORY BOARD EXPERTS, and must be grounded in the merits of the Real Estate.

Our partners will have the opportunity to review projects on A DEAL-BY-DEAL BASIS.

DIVERSIFICATION across various property types.

*Will consider other markets with developer relationships.