The Pitchboard Podcast

Pinnacle Partners’ Jeff Feinstein discusses the advantages of real estate investing in Opportunity Zones on The Pitchboard Podcast. Jeff explains what an Opportunity Zone is, why he and his team decided to become involved in projects of this type, and the requirements for investing in them.  Click on link below to listen.

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Opportunity Zone Investing

Opportunity Zone Investing Can Cut Your Tax Bill

This article by Robert W. Wood originally appeared on You can access it here.  Taxes are an expense we all have, not really an opportunity. Yet if you play your cards right, tax savings and opportunities can now go together in a big way. The big federal tax bill passed in the closing days of 2017 is loved

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Resource: Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds vs. 1031 Exchanges

This resource is credited to Griffin Capital.QOZ Funds1031 ExchangesEligible GainsAny capital gain, regardless of the asset that generated itLimited to gains from real property held for investment or used tin a trade or businessReinvestment of ProceedsOnly reinvest capital gain; can reinvest basis but it will not receive tax benefitsMust reinvest all proceeds and have same

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American Family Tax Plan

The American Families Proposal – The Tax Plan Within

This article by Richard Shapiro  originally appeared on Eisenrampercom. You can access it here.  We are all interested in how President Biden’s American Families Plan proposal will affect investing strategies moving forward. There are some major shifts in the treatment of capital gains, 1031 exchanges, and carried interest on the table. While most of the details have yet to

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The Revitalization Of Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones are the hottest new investment opportunity in America. Now it seems as if everyone with capital gains to shield is trying to invest in them.Established by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in an effort to incentivize investment in economically struggling areas throughout the United States, opportunity zones offer investors access to

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Thought Leader Forum: Opportunity Zones

The Puget Sound Business Journal recently held a Thought Leader Forum on the topic of Opportunity Zones and the benefits they can provide to investors in our region. The Thought Leader panel was composed of Jeff Feinstein, Partner, Pinnacle Partners; Rod Fujita, CPA and principal, tax practice director of real estate services for Bader Martin,

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