Why Opportunity Zone Investment May Be More Compelling in 2021

Why Opportunity Zone Investment May Be Even More Compelling in 2021

This article by Andrew P. Doup originally appeared on LoopNet.com. You can access it here. 

There is an old adage that nothing is certain except death and taxes. However, business owners and investors are increasingly turning to “opportunity zone” real estate investment strategies to alter the certainty of income tax for their benefit.

Opportunity zone investment allows taxpayers to defer the taxable income due on the sale of appreciated assets by reinvesting it into an opportunity zone property. The program seeks to incentivize property owners to make long-term investments in low-income or economically distressed communities. The U.S. Treasury Department has designated over 8,700 opportunity zone census tracts across the country, determined by median income and poverty and unemployment rates.

But potential tax policy changes have been proposed that could affect opportunity zone investments and potentially make them more attractive to investors than ever before.

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